What is the Blue Baby Blue Game?

Baby Blue

“Blue Baby Blue” is a weird urban legend game that youngsters play in bathrooms. According to legend, if you perform the procedure, an evil ghostly infant will materialize in your arms. This urban legend is linked to the Bloody Mary mythology.

“Baby blue game” or “Blue Baby Game” is one of the most deadly games I’ve ever heard of. At the same time, it’s dangerous and creepy. This one is for you if you’re interested in spirits and sensing their presence. And we’re here to teach you how to play this game properly. So let’s get this party started!

But, before we get into the game or challenge, have you ever heard of Bloody Mary? There’s also a game called “Bloody Mary” in the front. This basically means that the blue baby is just the child of Bloody Mary. As a result, it’s more of a task than a game. There’s a good probability you’ll see a woman screaming in your mirror once you get started. And you have to escape first, so this is more of a task to accept and complete than a game. Are you all set? When the number of players in a game or challenge varies, the game or challenge changes as well. It’s as if you’re playing alone or with another person.

How to play Baby Blue game

The game is quite simple. Though more than a game, this is only a test to see if you can complete it. Furthermore, the prerequisites are something you may have from your own home. As I previously stated, there are two ways to play this game. Let’s begin with the one-player technique.

Baby Blue

One-player technique: 

1. Requirements

  • Bathroom
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There must be three items in the bathroom:

  • A flush toilet
  • A mirror
  • The lockable door

Let’s get started!

2. Instructions:

  • The best time to start is about 2:45 or 3 a.m.

(i) Turn off all of the lights in your room, including the bathroom lights. Everywhere should be dark.

(ii) Go to the restroom.

(iii) From the inside, lock the door.

(iv) Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

(v) Hold your arms out in front of you as if you’re holding a baby.

(vi) As well as moving them back and forth.

(vii) Recite the words “Blue Baby, Blue Baby” over and over.

(viii) Recite this number 13 times.

(ix) You may notice your arms becoming heavy during step 8. Concentrate all of your attention on your hands.

Baby Blue

(x) It’s getting heavier, so focus all of your senses on it.

(xi) You may feel scratching in your hands after a few seconds; this is the moment to stop.

(xii) Toss the weight you’re carrying down the toilet and flush it.

(xiii) Open and close the door to the restroom and exit.

(xiv) You’ve won if you’re out of the bathroom! Wohoo! But hold on!

What’s the losing condition?

One of two things can happen if you fail. Either you’ll see a woman wailing in the mirror to demand her baby back, or your hands will become unbearably scratched. You’ll lose in any of the scenarios! You should also run as quickly as you can!

Two-player technique:

1. Requirements

  • Bathroom

 There must be three items in the bathroom:

  • A flush toilet
  • A mirror
  • The lockable door
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Let’s get started!

2. Instructions:

Baby Blue
  • The best time to start is about 2:45 or 3 a.m.
  • Switch off the lights in your room and the bathroom.
  • Go to the restroom.
  • From the inside, lock the door.
  • Completely fog the mirror.
  • Write “Baby Blue” on the fogged mirror with your finger.
  • After that, position your arms in the same way you would if you were holding a baby in your hands.
  • Make a back-and-forth motion with your hands.
  • You may feel something heavy on your arms after a few seconds.
  • Pass the weight to the next person with care, avoiding dropping it.
  • You’ll get a scratch if you fall.
  • After a short period of holding, the next person will feel something weighty and can pass it to the next person. You can go further if you don’t fall. You’ll get a scratch if you don’t. Pick a weight and begin moving your arms back and forth.
  • This is your last chance. You may continue passing the weight to the next person as many times as you like.
  • However, in order to complete the game, you must wipe the words off the mirror while holding the weight.
  • You’ll soon notice that you’re losing weight.
  • When the weight has totally vanished, unlock the door and exit the bathroom.
  • Congratulations as you exit the restroom! You’ve triumphed!

What could be the losing condition now?

It’s a losing situation if you lose the weight of your hand more than twice. In that case, the mirror may be entirely shattered. Simply exit the bathroom to save yourself!

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How can you create some fog?

You can either do it with your breath or by stepping into a hot shower before entering the restroom.

Is it safe to play Blue Baby game?

Nonetheless, the game appears to be enjoyable. It’s preferable to accomplish it with someone else rather than by yourself. And do it if you consider yourself bold enough to begin and end it appropriately. People with weak hearts should avoid playing the game in the first place. because it can make you feel more anxious. Despite the fact that no mishaps were reported, But, as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Still, if you’re playing, be careful and enjoy yourself!


Games are meant for stress relief, and as such, every game should take the anxiety off you, not increase your anxiety. My personal opinion is, why play a game that may endanger your life? Why play with spirits when you have millions of people you could play games with?

I mean, you are risking your life to go find the next spirit to play with. Why would you risk that to play games with a spirit that may go too far? I think the game does more harm to you than good.

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